Your Django website is ready, does Google know about it?

As every year, BeDjango team attended Pycon in order to keep in touch with the Community. However, this year we bring something different: a talk about SEO.

The marketing-oriented talks are unusual in this kind of technological events. However, the organization has paid special attention to this area, and has supported the submission of innovative talks, allowing us to contribute to the digital evangelism within Python Community.

Digital Transformation in Django Projects

Our years of experience in digital strategy, working with international clients from different business areas, has made possible for us to focus the talk in a practical way.

Our main objective was for the developers to leave the event with a small checklist of actions to take into account when developing a web project, in order to improve visibility in Google.

To do this, we were inspired by the daily work with our Python / Django experts team and the difficulties and challenges that we face in each project.

SEO before, during and after the project

One of the fundamental bases of this talk, was the division into the 3 main phases of a project. It is very common to think that SEO is something that applies when finalizing a project, but the experience of our Django digital expert team has taught us that it is something that must be taken into account from the beginning.

The technical optimisation, focus on increasing acquisition, is something that is achieved by improving aspects related to Google and accessibility such as metadata, structuring URLs or page architecture; as well as the site content, more oriented to the user.

Therefore, the fact that the Python / Django team knows about this useful tips that help optimize SEO, since the development environments are created until the project release, contributes to avoid major modifications when the architecture is advanced or delays that will affect the partnership with the client. It also ensures teamwork in different areas, as well as agile development.

Practical Tips on SEO in Django

In this talk, we deal with frequently asked questions that we face when developing web projects based on Django, such as the maximum H1 allowed on each page, blocking the indexing of production environments or the need to always build PRO with a sitemap. xml and a robots.txt created.

We are grateful to have been able to share our experience with the Python Community and satisfied with the warm welcome the talk had. Thank you all for attending and for contributing to this kind of events continue to widen horizons towards the union between Digital and Tech.


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Let’s have a coffee and talk about your project


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