Why Should You Use Agile Methodologies In Your Web Project?

In a world where things change at a dizzying speed, agile software development methodologies are essential.

Rather than focusing on work processes above all else (as traditional methods tend to do), agile methods assume what we empirically know of the reality of projects: the importance of having competent and motivated people who are capable of working together as a team, supporting and trusting them, the necessary on going collaboration of the client (not only at the beginning and end of the project), the reality that changes will be necessary during the project, that the role ultimately does not "put up with everything", that the "moment of truth" is only when you show the customer some part of the final product, the focus on the simplicity of solutions and working at a sustainable pace in order to be more productive. In addition, agile methods are the enemies of chaos, introducing discipline into the process and a focus on the quality of work.

At BeDjango we are very aware of all this, and we of course work using agile methodologies. For this reason, we want to convince you of the benefits you have when using them.

Benefits of using agile methodologies


Being evolutionary processes, the work teams can implement solutions as they go. Waiting until the end to correct bugs? That belong to history! Agile methodologies focus their entire structure by having a minimum viable product that can be tested by the user in the shortest time possible. This allows you to launch software products at a high speed.

Elimination of unnecessary tasks

By prioritizing the tasks of a process, those responsible for the process know with certainty which have a greater importance and which are secondary or even unnecessary. This distinction helps to centralize efforts and to unify performance criteria. Isn't this great?


Agile methodologies provide flexibility in the process and product definitions. This allows the development team to adapt to the changes and benefit from them in the client's favor.


In a working environment such as Scrum, checking how the team is organized and assigning tasks is as simple as getting closer to the project management panel and taking a look. Simple organization eliminates levels of administration and control and brings the end customer and the development team closer together.

Customer intervention in the process

The client intervenes in an active way in each stage of the process. Ideas can be contributed iand give opinions given about the results that are progressively delivered. In many agile development methods customer feedback is considered to be a structural part of the development process, which allows the final product to fit better with what the customer needs, and not to what the customer requested at first.


As you can see, there are many advantages of agile project management.

Agile frameworks provide greater flexibility, quality feedback, efficiency and speed, reducing the margin of error and risks of the project and of course the cost.

Agile development needs productive people and productive people need a working environment where they can explore their full potential. That is why at BeDjango we use agile methodologies in all our operating processes.

Companies like Google, SAP, Spotify, Salesforce, Amazon, eBay, the BBC, Atlassian, Ferrari, InfoJobs or Idealista have become industry standards after taking on board the agile philosophy.

So what are you waiting for? Do not hesitate to counting on a team for your web project that backs agile methodologies and adapts to the modern times.

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