We were at PyConES17 Cáceres this weekend and it was a blast!

Just as it happened last year, our BeDjango team was present at the PyConES17, which was held in Caceres on 22nd, 23rd and the 24 of September.

This edition has been very important for us because we had lesson more and no less than 3 talks accepted. There were a lot of nervous tension but also a lot of desire to be welcomed by the whole Python community, and so we were ;)

Django, Angular and Ionic: Friends with benefits

As soon as we landed in Cáceres, our first talk was held by Pablo Iglesias and Nacho González. Our friends detailed how to integrate a Django backend with Angular front-end and how you can reuse part of that code to build a mobile application with Ionic. Sounds complicated, doesn’t it? Not at all! Pablo and Nacho got all the attendees to change their perception about it and left the room feeling very motivated having said that '' developing apps was simpler than it seemed. '' You guys are clever!

Your Django website is ready, does Google know about it?

The second day was Bea Gonzalez ‘s turn to talk. Bea reviewed all the aspects that affect the web positioning and which should be taken into account in any development before, during and after the project in order to improve visibility on Google. The marketing talks are unusual in this type of technological events but our co-worker knew how to win the attention of all the attendees and his talk was a great success.

Open edX Initiation

And finally, and to put the finishing touches on a 10 out of 10 weekend, our colleague Alejandro Leon premiered with his first talk teaching all attendees there about all the secrets of Open edX: what is Open edX, the potential that it has, in addition to explaining its architecture and the possibilities of the extension that it presents.

Our team not only did their bit by sharing knowledge but they had the opportunity to enjoy and learn a lot from everyone else there. The Python community continues to grow and it is a real pleasure for BeDjango to be a part of it.

See you at the next PyConES18 Have you signed up? ;)

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