TOP Tips To Prepare Your Ecommerce for Black Friday

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are already here and I guess you'll have everything ready for these dates!

Currently, although the offers on Black Friday purchases are also online, the advantage of Cyber Monday is that sometimes you can find better discounts on products that have not been sold during the weekend.

That being the case, Monday November 27 th is not a day go for  a walk or window shop, but a day of blankets, sofas and Cyber Monday. It is the day of online shopping, of products that migrate from the shop windows to the screens of computers, tablets and smartphones. Is your online store ready for Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2017? Let's see! because with this post I want to help you create a checklist of everything you should have taken into account with regards to your online strategy.

Responsive Design to your ecommerce

Do you have a responsive version of your online store? It is clear that we must offer the user the best possible web experience regardless of the support you use. Therefore, today it is essential that a website can be adapted to all types of browsers and possible devices.

Your mobile "cyber buyers" want three things from you: Intuition, functionality and speed.

``This timeline shows the U.S. mobile spending on Cyber Monday from 2014 to 2016. On Cyber Monday in 2016, mobile e-commerce sales amounted to over 1 billion U.S. dollars, up from 782 million U.S. dollars in the previous year. This figure represents 29 percent year-on-year growth '' by Statista

Watch out! On Cyber Monday 2017 an even bigger forecast is expected, so you should keep in mind the following things:

  • Adapt the web to the width of the device. The design normally goes from being a horizontal design to a vertical design, adapting to the width of the device. The fluidity of content means that the user does not have to scroll horizontally.

  • Reorganize the different elements of the website. The contents of the website are arranged in such a way that they can be viewed correctly on all screens. Larger buttons are used to facilitate tactile interaction, the size and spacing of the letter is readjusted so that it is more readable, and adaptable images are used for each device.

  • Simplify the website. We must prioritize the elements so only the ones that are necessary are chosen, eliminating graphic objects that are purely aesthetic and only make sense in the desktop version.

  • Change of appearance of some elements. The clearest example is the menu, which usually becomes expandable, or the buttons, which will be larger.

TIP: A great tool that allows us to test our adaptable design on several devices at once is Sizzy

Upload and Download Speed of Your Server

Avoid possible drops in the moments in which the traffic of your eCommerce increases significantly. The agility of the purchase process is key to closing the sale. Please, pay close attention to this! Each one-second delay in page load time decreases customer satisfaction by 16% and conversion rates by 7%. Are you going to let your potential customers escape?


If you plan to optimize any SEO strategy, you should do so taking into account the time factor. There is nothing that can be done for this year in mid-November. By definition, an SEO campaign requires time. Anyway, if this time 'you've "been caught short'' I hope these tips will help you for next year.

Basic fundamentals

  • Take full advantage of the spaces offered by the meta title and meta description, always using texts that contain the main keywords that are also attractive to try to improve the CTR of the result.

  • Check that the landing page correctly uses the h1, h2 and correlative tags.

  • Add enough content and text for Google to positively rate your landing page

  • Verify that your domain does not contain similar Black Friday results from previous years which could cannibalize the result.

Find the right keyword

It is clear that when Black Friday gets here, the user prepares themself. The searches related to this term multiply until they reach 40 million, only in November (the rest of the year it disappears from the minds of the users and therefore from the search engines).

The problem comes when you have to choose a specific term. To choose the right keyword you need a lot of experience and a methodology that helps you compare some results with others. For this it is important to find out:

  • Search volume of the different alternatives

  • Competition of that particular term.

  • Approximate cost per click (CPC) of that keyword.

  • Number of times used in the <title> tag.

  • Number of times used in the URL.

  • Number of times that keyword is used in the Anchors of the links.

Stick with those keywords that offer a great opportunity. This keyword, and others, can take visitors to your website. Or at least allow your pages to be those to which Google pays greater attention to, with the positive effect that has for your online project and search engine optimization (SEO).


A keyword that gives you a chance is not enough

The opportunity of the keyword when it is Black Friday is undeniable, but that by itself is not worth much. The first thing to do is create a text different from what already exists on the internet. Create a unique content that may interest your potential users, with the correct wording, a well-structured writing where the keyword has a certain density. The landing page is a vital element to highlight your most important offers and promotions. It highlights what is most representative and includes messages that lead to action.

It is advisable to have a landing page with all the Black Friday promotions within the web page, thus facilitating the search within the website.

We hope these tips are useful for managing your online stores during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Get ready for action!

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