Open edX Initiation

This Sunday 24th September in Cáceres - Spain, the BeDjango team is at PyCon ES 2017 and we talk about Open edX initiation.

In this presentation 4 main points are mentioned:

What is Open edX and so can you use it?

At this point we explain what Open edX is, where it comes from, we talk about of its community and what the most important projects are in which this platform is present.

How can you install and configure an Open edX machine?

  1. We inform you of what you must do to be able to install an Open edX fullstack or devstack machine of the release that you prefer.
  2. We explain the different types of basic and advanced configuration that you can make so that the platform works to your liking.
  3. The complete structure of the platform is shown and a synthesis of this structure is detailed to make it easier to understand.
  4. We talked about the translations possibility that Open edX offers and show you how to do it.

We explain what are the differents parts of Open edX and show how to it work

Open edX have a lot of components that you must know to work with this platform. These components are responsible for making the student platform experience work, for the administrative staff panel to work, and for facilitating  the communications of all necessary parts of the platform.

How can you expand and customize Open edX, using themes and XBlocks

Open edX core is a great, complete platform to provide MOOC courses, but you surely will want to personalize it a bit and be able to extend the functionalities that already exist. These is facilitated through use of:

- Themes: These are components that can overrides the styles, static contents and templates of your platform to get your preferred appearance of your platform.

- XBlocks: XBlocks are the independent modules that you can developer to extend Open edX without the problems present in other core modifications when you want to upgrade your platform version. These modules have an easy way to connect and add to your platfom.

With this presentation we intend to bring Open edX closer to the developers and students present at this congress and to make easier their first works with this type of technology developed in Python / Django.



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Let’s have a coffee and talk about your project


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