Pycon by Pycon ... From Almería to Cáceres

BeDjango, the brand launched last year at Emergya in Almería Pycon 2016. The first post stated, “BeDjango is Out”. We wanted to release a new technology channel by Emergya which was able to carry out large international digital projects from Spain, specifically from the South of Spain. Projects would be based in Django and Open edX. The whole team attended the Pycon event in Almería which was a productive and amazing weekend. Alejandro Morón (Project Manager at Emergya) hosted a presentation talking about QA and Django and we learned many thing and enjoyed ourselves.

But that was just the beginning. Since then we haven’t stopped publishing, committing, demonstrating and talking about how we work with Django and Open edX. If we find something useful for our team and we think it’s useful for everybody, we share it!

We have given some local talks in schools, - Meetups, and little events..

We attended and intervened at international events

We have published more than fifty posts on our blog, some of them which had an important impact such as our comparison between Open edX and Moodle from a different perspective.

This year we have launched and promoted our first kit starter to create a quick website with Django which included a complete range of features and perfectly is available to download on Github.

Thanks for all the effort put in by our technical and digital team as our new online brand, BeDjango, has an important search engine optimization and we have managed to obtain projects from Spain, Sweden and the UK among others.

This year, continuing on as a more experience company and team, we will be taking part of the following three conferences to show our system of work:

We hope to enjoy the experience in this Pycon edition and we'll try to contribute to this amazing community. Enjoy the event BeDjango!

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Let’s have a coffee and talk about your project


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