How to Choose a Development Company for Your Web Project

Nowadays, it's difficult to choose a web development company which offers guarantees that our project is going to be made as we would like, on time and, especially, adapted to our real budget.  The first contact with the developers will be overwhelming given the numerous concepts and factors to take into account if we wish to design our web page, online store, mobile application... Because of this, we want to give you these six tips to take into account at the moment of contacting a web development business which adapts and complies with the objective which you have in mind.

1. Technical experience

Does the business have experience in making applications using the technologies which you have chosen?

These technologies might be :

  • Programming language (Python, JavaScript, Java)
  • Framework (Django for Python, Bootstrap for front-end (HTML, CSS, JS), JQuery, Angular or Ember for JavaScript)
  • Platform (iOS and Android for mobiles, Linux and FreeBSD for operating systems, Amazon Web Services for cloud computing)

Some recommendations to measure experience could be the years that this company has been working in the market, the popularity of the applications which it has developed, or the contribution which it makes to a specific technology and its community.


2. Business environment

You must assure yourself that the company chosen to develop your project is familiarized with your business sphere. To that end, we propose various recommendations to take into account:

  • Ask if they have worked with companies of your own business environment.
  • Don't expect or permit “branching” from another project, that is, the copying of another project and its adjustment to yours. Be careful of this! You need a unique, personalized solution, so take care if they propose this.

You must take into account that a web project focussed, for example, on finance (PayPal, Skrill, or TransferWise) is not the same as one focussed on travel (AirBNB,, so this point will be very important as knowing the business environment, the developers will be able to avoid typical errors they have learned from others projects, proposing solutions beforehand.

3. Portfolio

Without doubt, a wide portfolio will give us an idea of the problems which the developers have had to confront, and which solutions they have found. Furthermore, is can allow us to orientate ourselves in knowing which web projects they are capable of realising.

4. References

If the business does not have client comments on its website, a good form of obtaining positive or negative feedback is to get in contact with another client directly. It is very usual that companies create publicity for the web projects they have realised, thus we can reach the websites of the clients and get in contact with them. I recommend that you prepare three or four very simple questions of this type: ”Are you content with the work done?”, “what are the positive aspects of working with the company?”, in the case of there being some, “which things have you not liked about working with this company?”, and, finally,  “has the project complied with your expectations?”

5. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Does the Web Developer know that you want your web project to be optimal for SEO?

This point is fundamental. Not only is it necessary to have technical knowledge, but it is important that the chosen company knows how to understand your business objectives and knows how to understand your target. Knowing how to apply SEO techniques not only theoretically, but applying them to web development; at the end of the day, making a web technically solvent but "attractive" for Google and the market. And how do we get all this? With a company that has a digital team and UX


6. Communication

Normally when we are going to contract the services of a company, we only speak with the salesperson, who, like any salesperson, will know how to give us confidence and security regarding the reliability of the same company, but we should not settle for that, but instead try to know directly the people who will realise our project.

Making a good application (web or mobile) takes a lot of time and normally goes further than the MVP (minimum viable product). It is not exclusively a question of the development of the web project: the company which will undertake it should also offer you support, improvements, error correction... This means that you will have to speak a lot with the team that is working on your project, as such, communication must be good.

And, how can you know beforehand that the communication with them will be what you expect? We'll give you some tips:

  • You should feel comfortable when speaking with them.
  • In the first moments of contact with the team, they should listen attentively, and not  interrupt.
  • They do not say “We can't do this”, but rather “what about if we...?”
  • They are proactive: for every idea or request of yours, they come up with a thousand  ways of carrying it out.


We hope these five pieces of advice help you to choose a good web development company – your project is at stake!

Designing and developing medium and large Web, Mobile and e-Learning projects is our bread and butter, so if you're interested in starting your project, don't hesitate to get in touch with us. If we can't help, we're sure that we can guide you in the right direction.

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