BeDjango, Amazon's official partner

These are good times for us! After nearly a decade of working with Amazon Web Services, BeDjango has become an official partner.

Achieving this partner status is a great milestone for the BeDjango team, which has worked hard to reach it throughout the year.

This achievement is accompanied by a series of advantages that will affect not only the BeDjango team, but also its customers, who will benefit from this new relationship with the Amazon Web Services team.

"It has not been an easy or simple job because it requires previous proven experience and technical certifications that require study, knowledge and expert equipment. However, after a few months and thanks to the team's fundamental work, the partner process has come to an end with success", says David Munárriz, Chief Marketing officer of BeDjango

 Benefits of working with AWS

AWS has 44 zones of availability in 16 geographic regions around the world with announced plans to create 14 more zones and 5 additional regions in China, France, Hong Kong, Sweden and a second region AWS GovCloud in the USA. Incredible, isn't it?

With them, it supports more than one million active users in 190 countries in virtually any type of workload:

  • Backup and storage

  • Big Data and HPC

  • Web applications

  • Business Applications

  • Disaster recovery

  • Multimedia Content

  • Games

  • Health and life sciences

Working with AWS is a commitment to reliability and constant innovation. Earlier this year, AWS was named leader of the Magic Quadrant for Cloud Infrastructure as a Service for the seventh consecutive year, a global report by Gartner Consulting, which ensures that Amazon Web Services have the highest market.

May the good news continue! :)

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