9 Reasons Why You Should Redesign Your Business Webpage

If you’re reading this it is because your website has gotten old, true? You’re sure that you must do something with it, but… Is this the moment to do a new one or is it enough just to modernise your current one?  This decision will be even more complex when you decide to investigate a little.

When you start to look for web development companies you find something you didn’t expect: a barrage of words which you don’t have any idea what they mean… CMS, Analytics, leads, WordPress, SEO, briefing, CM, Prestashop, CRM, plugin, engagement, Opt-in, ROI, Django, SEM, target, branding, HTML, widget, B2B or content marketing. It’s normal that this leaves you feeling a little bit dizzy and starting to think that the task won’t be as easy as you thought.

If this is your case, don’t worry, it’s not your fault, it’s ours. Development web agencies work daily with web terminology and marketing tools of every kind and we talk about it as if it was the most normal thing in the world, but sometimes we forget you have no need to know about all this. If you talked to us about your business we wouldn’t understand a word either.

There are many reasons why it’s urgent to update your web, and we are going to tell you the most common ones:

#1 Your webpage doesn’t have responsive version. Mobile web

We are sure that you have found millions of websites which, when you access them from your phone, they look terrible: you have to zoom in and out all the time to be able to see the texts, you have to move to one side and the other, there are buttons you can’t click, menus that are cut off, etc., etc., etc. These webpages are not adapted to be visualized and properly navigated from any kind of device.

If you have decided to modernize your webpage it’s because you are certain that this is a key aspect.

Redesign your webpage with responsive design only has advantages: for you (because you will sell more) and for the user (because it will be easier for them to navigate on your web and have a better experience).

#2 Your website takes a long time to load

If your web takes a long time to load, you have a serious problem. Why? For two simple reasons:

  • The users are (we are) very impatient: if a site doesn’t open in a second, we click back and search for another. The majority of us will not wait longer than 3-4 seconds (and already that’s too much) to enjoy the content. We will leave and will be a lost potential client.

  • Search engines (for example Google) don’t like slow websites at all. The load speed of a site is one of the many factors to determine its web position. Slow websites position much worse than sites that take very little to load.

#3 You can’t administrate your website. You can’t change texts or images

This is a very common problem with old websites. Years ago webpages were a lot more static and they just showed information about out services and contact details. Once you had in your site everything you wanted to say you could forget about it.

In those times if you wanted to change any text you had to ask the person who had developed it and hope he could deal with it. Today this work methodology isn’t operative at all. It this is your case you need you update your website as soon as possible.

#4 You don’t have a blog and you want to start generating content

This problem may seem the same as the one in the previous point, but not always. It’s possible that your web can be administrated but doesn’t have a blog section. As a detail I will only say that right now you’re reading one… I’m sure that you would like that in the future there would be possible clients reading your own articles. If now you want to start generating content you need to update your website. What are you waiting for?

#5 Your websites conversion percentage is very low

A webpage exists so that users who get to it can perform a conversion. Whatever it could be. Shopping, downloading a file, watching a video, filling out a form, contacting a company, leaving a comment, sharing content, etc.

A website which has a low conversion rate (CRO – Conversion Rate Optimization) serves no purpose. We want the majority of the people who visit the site to be able to perform the action we want, right? If you notice that the conversion rate of your website is very low, it’s time to consider a web redesign which improves CRO

#6 You have changed your logo or corporate image of your company and you need to apply it to your website

It´s logical that after a logo change you want to unify your entire online and offline image.  It is possible that you want to take advantage of it to modify your site structure or include bigger extensions, but also it may not be necessary as it is relatively new or because you would prefer to leave it until a later date.

If your site is developed on a good platform, and if it already has a responsive version, it is not necessary to invest a lot of money in changing it completely.

#7 It is not user-friendly

The user experience (UX) is one of the main aspects for your website to be successful and get a lot of conversions.  If a user enters your site and doesn´t know what they have to do or where to find the information they require, they will leave and it will probably be forever.

If the UX of your website isn´t well done, you will see a reduction in the sales and you will receive complaints from your users. It doesn´t matter if you have all of the information on your website, if the structure is not appropriate and there are no visual cues for the users to know what they have to do, the CRO will be very low, and, consequently you will lose money and potential clients.

Analyze the route that the user makes until they reach the conversion and you will see if they follow the appropriate steps or, on the contrary, they get lost along the way. If the user experience is bad, you will see that they have to take more steps than they should or leave the route before they reach the conversion because they do not know what to do.

If this happens, it is the moment to redesign your website to favour a positive user experience.

 #8 You want to add any simple plugin

For example, the typical follow us on social media; include an additional language to your site, anti-spam protection…

If you need to add these types of details you don’t always need to change the webpage, it will depend on if your platform allows these kinds of functionalities

#9 The website is not well positioned

A well-positioned website is essential to get a bigger number of visitors interested in your business. The higher your site is on the search engines, the more visibility it will get and much more opportunities to get interested traffic.

It’s possible that your webpage was well-positioned when it was created but, little by little, you have seen it going down in the search engines. We must tell you a secret: the SEO (search engine optimization) is not something you do once and lasts forever (we wish it was!).

For this reason it is mandatory to perform a SEO strategy and find out what needs to be modified in your site so it’s optimized to the maximum.  To do this, it’s necessary to do a web redesign which allows the website to have all the essential factors that are important to be well-positioned.

Once we have seen some of the most common cases that make us update our site, the one million dollar question is:

PRICE...How much does it cost to create a new website from my current one?

Of course, a job like this will always depend on the quantity of content that you have on your website and on the complexity of its structure, but if you’re not very picky about the design, it’s a quite economical job.

I must repeat that the key is that you count on good professionals and let them work. They (we) are the most interested in doing a good job making your website beautiful, no good professional likes to do things half-heartedly. Now, in truth, if you really want it to be economical, be consequent.

If you have already decided that it’s not the moment to invest a lot of time in your website, stick to your word. Remember that it’s only a botox injection, not a surgery… For an economical price you will have a new webpage much more attractive but with your current content. The main advantage is that you will be able to expand this platform whenever you want.

All in all, for a lot less than you think you can have a new web ready to be expanded when you need it. Don’t get hung up and don’t let others complicate the issue further.

Tell us if you have been thinking about redesigning your business webpage or if you have done it recently and how was the experience. We would love to read about it!

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