5 Factors Which Contribute To The Total Cost of Website Development

The question that a developer dreads to hear is: "How much would a web application like this cost?" Don't get me wrong, as developers we are aware that it is necessary to know how much a web project will cost before getting into it. And as developers we will be as transparent as possible

So to help you get a little more familiar with the development process, we will explain to you which are the main factors that contribute to the total cost of developing your website.

1. Size of the project

Depending on the size of your project the total cost of developing your website will vary. Your project can be:

A simple initial web and face-to-face (1-10 pages)

In this first case we include webpages for new businesses, startups, and other simple websites for businesses or projects, which do not carry complex or custom programming and customization work, and with a total number of pages no larger than 10.

It is important that in these cases the website is designed in a way that is easy to expand in the future with new sections, content and services to offer over the Internet.

Small Business Website (10-20 pages)

This type of pages is usually an evolution of the design of the first web page, either a redesign or an extension of the previous Web page, with a maximum of about 20 pages.

As in the previous case, these are web pages that do not require the development of special sections or design customizations or, if they do, they would be very simple to program.

Medium Business Web Page (20-40 pages)

This type of Web pages would be for companies with actions based on e-commerce, even if they do not have an online store, but where a great part of their sales processes are initiated through the Web page, for example offering a complete Web catalogue, of all the products that the company offers, or an advanced system of request of budgets, etc.

In order to design a web page of this size and complexity, you must ensure that you have the best possible service and, above all, a very smooth communication with the Web designers.

In these cases, it would be highly recommended to hire the service of maintenance and updating of the website.

Large Corporate Web Pages (40-50 pages)

In this the final case we would be talking about large web projects, for companies with great activity on the Internet and where their main sales channel is, or wants to be, through its website.

2. Style design

In this case we would be talking about the visible face to the user: your future client. Therefore, the design of the website is undoubtedly the most important of all development, as it is the way we distinguish our offer from the others that exist on the internet: your competition.

How many unique designs does your project require? For example:

  • 1 Design for Home Page (Home)

  • 1 design for product page

  • 1 design for blog entry

  • 1 design for the contacts page

  • 1 design for the page of some special service

If your idea is to have several pages inside your website that will have different structure and different modules, the designer will have to work longer to create these "unique designs" or "unique views" for you.

On the other hand, if the structure of your pages is identical or very similar (although the total number of pages is large), the designer's work will be easier and faster so the cost will be lower.

3. SEO Integration

Every good Web developer should contemplate SEO and, by default, optimize the Web page that allows its good positioning in search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo.

On the other hand, whenever the company wants to create new content on its website, it needs advice to optimize these at the SEO level, otherwise it will gradually reduce all the SEO optimization that the Web study did in its moment.

This service, of course, has a cost

4. Integration of databases

The integration of the database requires a deep technical knowledge and a great experience to be able to solve the problems that arise. If you need to develop and integrate the database within your website, this will lead to more expenses in the cost of developing your website.

5. Functionality of electronic commerce

The integration of e-commerce functionality has a lot more associated with it: Payment gateway, security, ldap, cookies ... and also to link that new functionality with the whole system of users, products etc that had before.

This will lead to an increase in the overall budget of the website and will significantly affect the budget.


When you decide to put the development of your web project into action, you have to consider it as an investment in the medium / long term, since, getting things right with the agency that will be in charge of the development of your project will show a profit from from the very short term onwards.

Choosing a suitable web developer, therefore, becomes especially important as you are not only choosing the team that will build your web application, you are choosing the team that will be in charge of getting the most out of your business and which will work to bring it to success.

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