2017 Open edX Conference : We were there too!

"Strongly applauded." This was the reaction of the public to the lightning talk of our Team Leader, Edu Serrano, which took place at the Open edX Conference 2017 held in Madrid on 24 and 25 May this year.

For the BeDjango team, it has been an honor to be able to take part in the Open edX Conference, the world's largest event where knowledge is shared among members of the global Open edX community. Among other things under discussion were innovative uses through higher education, training and lifelong learning; instructional design and course production techniques; and methods to operate, expand and improve the Open edX platform.

In Edu's talk, which was attended by about 45 people, the implementation of marketing and communication techniques using Open edX and transactional email was explained. "Thank you very much for the congratulations, but the reality is that behind something that could perhaps last only 5 minutes, there has been great teamwork which, for more than a year, has made a very important effort, learning a technology that is in vogue like Open edX, working very hard, with great enthusiasm and interacting with the community, " says Edu Serrano.

But we were not alone! Our BeDjango colleagues met with very high level people from organisations such as Microsoft, edX, IMD, Stanford, Harvard, Columbia or the Global Knowledge Foundation... incredible, isn't it?

It is always interesting to be able to show what we do, how we do it and why we do it. If you could not attend, press "play" and enjoy all that our Team Leader told us about Open edX.

See you at the next Open edX conference!

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