To adapt your website so that it looks correct on mobiles, basically there are two options: having a website with an adaptable web design, what is known as Responsive Web Design; or having an independent website adapted to mobile devices. Each option has its pros and cons ... and in this post you will discover the advantages and disadvantages of each. OK, let's start!

In a world where things change at a dizzying speed, agile software development methodologies are essential. At BeDjango we are very aware of all this, and we of course work using agile methodologies. For this reason, we want to convince you of the benefits you have when using them

As we all know, software is present in practically all our daily activities and, for this reason, it has become an essential asset in the operability of organizations. How many times have you not been able to call from a mobile phone?, or perhaps, you have received a bill with errors? Or not been able to withdraw money from the ATM, or had problems making a purchase or booking a plane ticket ...? In these cases, it has almost certainly been due to a software error.

What is a Feed? A Feed is a way of sharing content. When you publish a post or an article on your blog or website you have to provide a code for it to be shared or published on other sites. Why is it important to use feeds for your business? Well, read on!

There are still companies that believe that investing in improving the user experience (UX) is not worth it. This happens especially with the big brands, where, despite the usability errors on their platforms, users continue purchasing. Therefore, to illustrate the advantages offered by some UX design methodologies, we have compiled a list of associated benefits

One of the first things aimed for and achieved with a web positioning strategy is visibility. We do SEO to show ourselves in a simpler and more effective way to our users and at company level this is essential to connect with our target audience. Web design affects positioning fundamentally, and greatly. So, use all the SEO techniques you can during the development phase and before finishing the project. At BeDjango we are very aware of this and we want to give you some tips and tools to position your website using Django.

The question that a developer dreads to hear is: "How much would a web application like this cost?" Don't get me wrong, as developers we are aware that it is necessary to know how much a web project will cost before getting into it. And as developers we will be as transparent as possible So to help you get a little more familiar with the development process, we will explain to you which are the main factors that contribute to the total cost of developing your website.

Nowadays, it's difficult to choose a web development company which offers guarantees that our project is going to be made as we would like, on time and, especially, adapted to our real budget. The first contact with the developers will be overwhelming given the numerous concepts and factors to take into account if we wish to design our web page, online store, mobile application... Because of this, we want to give you these five tips to take into account at the moment of contacting a web development business which adapts and complies with the objective which you have in mind.